Welcome at Juuls

Juuls Domburg is a place to come home to. We are happy to welcome you and make it cosy and comfortable for you. Whether you drop in for lunch or dinner or stay overnight in one of our hotel rooms. Inside it is warm; you are seen. Outside, there is plenty to do. Domburg is not praised as one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in the Netherlands for nothing. A good place to be, in every season, in every holiday and with every company.

Our restaurant

At any time of day and in any season, our restaurant is a lovely place to be. Here, gastronomy and homeliness come together perfectly in the relaxed atmosphere of warm colours, green plants and cosy crackling fire. Come for a casual meal or want to be challenged culinarily? We will gladly serve you the unique combination of delicious food, drinks, cosiness and a brief escape from the delusion of the day.

Before looking at the menu, take a good look around. In case you are still wondering where the name Juuls comes from, now you know the answer. Juliana of the Netherlands inspires us. She is sometimes called the monarch on a bicycle or the monarch next to the red carpet. Of all the Dutch monarchs, she is the one who was closest to the people. She was regal, but at the same time liked to be ‘ordinary’.

Sleep in the center of Domburg

The sea, the beach and the dunes have been a major attraction for centuries. Whether you come for a weekend break or a holiday by the sea, in Domburg, so close to the sea, you will unwind immediately. Breathe the salty air and listen to the rhythm of the surf. Let your senses be stimulated and feel the beneficial calm.

Our hotel rooms and suites perfectly match that feeling. Here you can retreat and enjoy an undisturbed stay. We have decorated the rooms tastefully and comfortably.

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