Welcome at Juuls

Juuls Domburg is a place to come home to. We are happy to welcome you and make it cosy and comfortable for you. Whether you drop in for lunch or dinner or stay overnight in one of our hotel rooms. Inside it is warm; you are seen. Outside, there is plenty to do. Domburg is not praised as one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in the Netherlands for nothing. A good place to be, in every season, in every holiday and with every company.

Royal vibe

Our name Juuls is a nod to its original name: Hotel Juliana. Imagine, even Piet Mondrian spent the night here. Like numerous other artists, he was in love with the ‘Zeeland light’.  What that is is hard to describe in one word: golden, pastel, soft and bright shining. And magical! But you will undoubtedly discover that for yourself during your stay in Domburg.

Our hotel rooms and suites match that feeling perfectly. Here you can retreat and enjoy an undisturbed stay. Each room is tasteful and comfortable. With Princess Juliana as the inspiration for our restaurant, you will also recognise a female royal in each of our hotel rooms. We closely match the colour palette of their lives. From calm, brown tones and classic accessories in room Emma to green-blue colours and a touch of elegance in hotel room Amalia.

Domburg has a lively centre

You will find Juuls in the lively centre of Domburg. Be surprised by the contemporary choice of beautiful boutiques and fine restaurants. Lovely to stroll along and be unexpectedly tempted by a special purchase. With atmospheric outdoor lighting and heated terraces, there is plenty of life and conviviality here in the evening too.

Come and enjoy carefree

Juuls is part of Paviljoen Strand90 and Badhotel Domburg. Needless to say, you are welcome there too. Enjoy a drink on the beach or choose a relaxing day in the sauna at SPA Domburg. Carefree enjoyment, that’s what it’s all about. Wherever we may greet you, we make every effort to please you. That’s what we mean by hospitality.

Spa facilities
If you would like to use our spa facilities, take a look at www.spadomburg.nl.

Dining on the beach?
You can at our beach pavilion Strand90. Take a look at www.strand90.nl.

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