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Juuls is located in the centre of Domburg, in the cosy main street. It is an experience both in summer and in winter. There are various restaurants, cafés and shops, and annual events are organised here.


The beach of Domburg is in the top 11 most beautiful beaches of Zeeland and that is not without reason. The wide sandy beach stretches as far as Westkapelle and is known for its characteristic poles for the incoming waves, the beach cabins and the fashionable atmosphere.

SPA Domburg

SPA Domburg is a few minute walk away. This wellness centre is located in Badhotel Domburg and here you will discover the strength of Zeeland. Thousands of mussel shells, sand patterns at your feet, oysters in the bath and a ‘real’ North Sea storm; here you will find Zeeland’s DNA in a unique way. In addition to an exclusive range of saunas, SPA Domburg offers various relaxation areas and a water square. In addition, SPA Domburg offers a wide range of treatments for the body, face, and nails. Naturally, they also offer extensive body massages, some with a real Zeeland flavour. At SPA Domburg, you can rediscover the peace within yourself. For more information, visit the website:


Domburg, together with Cadzand, is the only seaside resort in Zeeland that meets the quality criteria of the European Association of Healing Baths for Thalassotherapy. The seaside location is healthy for body and mind. A seaside resort is only given the designation of being beneficial if the healing effect of sea water, the climate and the soil products has been investigated and declared beneficial. A few days in Domburg is not only enjoyable, but also healthy!


Domburg borders the Manteling, a nature reserve that offers protection from the sometimes fierce sea wind. The area stretches from Domburg to Oostkapelle and consists of ‘free nature’, which means that nature is given free rein. The Middelburg elite liked to spend the summer seasons in the Manteling van Domburg from the 17th to the 19th century. From the 20th century onwards, many houses were permanently inhabited. Today, the Manteling offers beautiful nature, walking and cycling paths as well as beaches. Would you like to discover more about the Manteling? Then a visit to Terra Maris is definitely worthwhile. Terra Maris is located next to Westhove Castle and offers a variety of exhibitions.


Since the 19th century, Domburg has been an inspiration to various artists, such as Jan Toorop and Piet Mondriaan. This is because the bright light shines in Domburg like nowhere else.  In the dune area, for example, there are information boards at various places that Mondrian used to make his sketches.